Just a few of our adopters experiences with our lovely Sun New Hope doggies. 

We love to keep in touch with regular updates and every adopter becomes a member of the "Sun New Hope" Family

Sun New Hope is absolutely amazing. Friendly, Informative, helping. Got a cracking pup from them ❤


Thor when he was a Pup with his litter mates in our shelter


Sun New Hope Rescue have changed my life.

They have enabled me to have my two gorgeous dogs, Norman and Martha, who are mother and son.

The love and attention to their rescue dogs is literally second to none and aftercare is totally amazing.

I keep in regular contact with them with updates and now belong to a wonderful group of people who have also adopted their dogs from them.

I would and have done, recommended them to anyone wanting to rescue a dog and if you are thinking of adopting a rescue, please think of them first. xx

Three years since these two came home. Happy and healthy! If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable rescue then look no further! Every dog is so loved and looked after and the help and support given is second to none.  

Joanna B

We have had ava for 2 months now and are so pleased with how far she has come every day she amazes us.

We were a little reluctant at first to get a dog from abroad but as soon as I had my telephone interview I felt at ease.

We had a travel group set up so everyone who's doggies were on the same transport could chat to each other or ask questions in the run up to the day our doggies journey started. Right from the first day of their journey we got updates from every country they entered, each time there was an update it was so exciting it was one more step to getting our doggy we even got sent a photo of our doggy once they arrived at their respective kennels.

Everyone who adopts through SNH gets invited to join an adopters page where you can put updates and pics of your doggy and even ask advice it is so helpful and reassuring that there are others in the same boat as yourself and are all going through the same experience.

It is so rewarding adopting a rescue dog watching ava adapt to her new life has been lovely to be a part of.

I feel as though we are all part of the SNH adopters family. 


Apollo is an extremely healthy and handsome man.

Izzy and Chris were very helpful with advice for his settling down issues.

He has grown into an extremely friendly and lovely natured dog.

He was respectful and gentle with my old frail late cat.

At the same time though he is fully alert and a fabulous guard dog.

I would and have recommended snh rescue to my friends.

Margaret M

This is Pepper. My beautiful 3 year old girl.

Thanks to Sun New Hope she joined our family 2 years ago.

The dedication, care and commitment of Izzy and Natasa is second to none.

They are always there to provide any advice/support needed.

I also had the pleasure of spending a week out in Macedonia helping Natasa.
I've seen first hand the sheer hard work and high standard of care she gives to our doggies and the ongoing commitment between her and Izzy to improving their lives.

I couldn't have chosen a better charity to adopt from❤️

Sian D

Our 2 gorgeous Sun New Hope doggies, Poppy and Rosie.

Thank you Izzy and Natasha for all the hard work you do for and for our 2 wonderful doggies.

Sue S

This is Meti he was my second dog from Sun New Hope Dog Rescue he was found on a snowy freezing day by Natasa who chased him until she caught him.

Nobody knows what his background was but one thing was sure he had had a very sad life up to that day the scars and lumps and bumps on his little body told a sad story and he was over 10 so once he had been looked at by the vet and agreed that he could travel he came to the uk to live with me.

He was the sweetest natured dog and loved all the fuss that he was getting and he soon became very contented and happy with his new life and a joy to have in the family.

People often ask why adopt a dog from abroad, but when you see the level of cruelty these dogs face why would you not help them.

Sun new hope is very professional in every way and the supporters 2nd to none.

If it’s a dog you want please try them I’m sure there is one that would fit into your life and bring many rewards ❤️ 

Jackie P

A very big Thank You to Chris, Natasa and Izzy from sun hope dog rescue.

My whole experience with them has been great from when we started to complete forms to our actual adoption and even beyond that.

We were a bit particular in our requirements and wanted an older medium sized dog.
Izzy kept me updated every step of the way and when we saw Nala, our adopted new family member, she reserved her for us. She sent videos, pictures and measurements to make sure Nala was the dog for us.
        The transport was arranged and the money transfer was easy and painless.
Chris even drove more than an hour to drop Nala half way so it wasn’t so far for us.

We were part of an adoption group on Facebook messenger for all the doggies travelling at the same time. It was a great opportunity to ask questions and the answers were very helpful.

Thank you so much for all your kindness, love and support to the adopters and the doggies. I couldn’t ask for more.   

Annelie D

 "SNH are a fantastic rescue group who provide 100% care for both dogs and adopters which continues long after your doggie arrives.

As a first time foreign adopter, I was supported throughout the whole process, and after adopting our lovely boy Timmy, we decided to adopt again from SNH and little Bonnie joined our family.

When you adopt from SNH , you become a member of the SNH family." ❤🐾🐾 


 I adopted these two from SNH - Annie the bigger dog arrived Dec 2020 and George arrived October 2021.

Both were an absolute joy and so timid and friendly.

Toilet training was complete within a few days and the whole process from adopting them and the support afterwards is fabulous.

I would highly recommend adopting a doggie from SNH. Fantastic rescue run by people who are passionate about animal welfare and getting them into the right homes. 

Deb C

 We adopted Lucy and Alvin 3years ago when they arrived they were both in excellent heath and it was obvious that they had been very well looked after by Natasa in Macedonia.

Their journey here was very well organised by Izzy, Natasa and Chris.

They are a joy to have we couldn’t imagine life without them.

The wonderful work that Natasa Izzy and Chris do is over and above to help these gorgeous doggies and anyone who adopts from SNH will be joining a fantastic family. 

Linda L

We have had Oskar since December 2020 & Benji joined us in May 2021. Both dogs are well mannered, beautiful natured and fit right in to our family (2 boys aged 9 &7).

SNH Dog Rescue have provided support throughout the process of adoption for both dogs. We have various social media chats & groups which function like an open forum for adopters to ask questions, compare notes & use as a referral point.

The team do a wonderful job of keeping you informed once your interested has been acknowledged on your chosen dog & guide you through the process until your dog is home. Izzy, Natasha & Chris do an excellent job from rescue to rehome each with very different roles but all with the dogs as priority.

Thank you for our beautiful dogs.


We adopted our gorgeous girl Luna 3 years ago.

From the first moment we saw her on the pictures Izzy sent, we fell in love.

The excitement and emotion we felt watching her get to us and to meeting her for the first time was unlike any other dog we’d waited for.

She’s made our home complete and has such a special character - we love her beyond words.

Natasha, Izzy and Chris are amazing rescuers who devote all their love and time to this fantastic rescue.

The back-up is second to none - they’re always there with advice, support and encouragement.

There are also the adopters too who provide their own insight into caring for their dogs.

It’s just an amazing family to be part of.  

Rachel J

With Sun New Hope Dog Rescue, not only are you getting a dog who will fast become the love of your life, you are getting a whole new doggy family.

You will be supported through the whole process of getting your dog and beyond. You will most definitely be inspired by Natasa's endless dedication to the dogs and finding their happy ever after.

My boy Barkley is the cover boy for the rescue and it was that photo that made me fall in love with him. He was rescued as a pup and sadly had to have a leg amputated. SNH never gave up on him. Ensured he got all the treatment he needed and brought him to me. He is now living his best life.

I can never say thank you enough. I cannot tell you the love I have for him and the way he looks at me with such love every day keeps me going.

Please adopt don't shop.

These dogs are so loved by Natasa but they cannot wait to meet their new families so she can save more just like them.
Thank you SNH. I will be forever grateful to you (as will Barkley's brother Buddy) 💞 xxx

Dawn P

We adopted Dash(Ash) and Dora in February 2022 after the recommendation of a close friend who has also adopted from SNH.

Our lives have changed for the better and we have never looked back.

Dash and Dora aren’t related but were rescued by the lovely Natasa at similar times so have naturally grown together.

SNH go out of their way to help your new family settle. With late night advice, random questions answered as well as other group chats and channels for updates and support if needed.

We have now had Dash and Dora 2 years and they have blossomed into the most beautiful, loving and cuddly pups. Enjoying car, train, bus and boat adventures!

Izzy, Natasa & Chris do an amazing job from start to finish (and after) of the adoption process - I wish we had room for more because we certainly would adopt them all!

Shona B

I cannot believe that Bonnie has been with us almost 3 years.

As soon as I saw her on the website, I knew she was mine. I retired in 2021 and Bonnie has been my companion ever since , and I have not been disappointed.

Bonnie is a lovely , gentle girl who loves people and other dogs/animals .She loves being outside and meeting people and especially other dogs or horses! She has been excellent in the house from Day 1, and , we can leave her if required.

She has a nice mix of independence and friendliness. I am always being asked where she came from and , being complimented about her nature.

SNH is always there should you have any worries. Izzy, Chris & Natasa are always available to support, guide, advise with their expertise and understanding.

This is very reassuring. There is also a huge SNH " family" available through Facebook and its a lovely community.

I highly recommend SNH - their dogs are really good natured, and the follow up care is exceptional.

Helen K

We rescued Lili in March 2021.

We can't imagine life without her and love keeping up with the shenanigans of her siblings with their rescue families via the Adopters page.

We were reassured through the whole process that Izzy and the SNH community were there for support. Izzy and Natasha do everything they can to ensure the wellbeing of the dogs - they are the priority.

Getting a rescue has come with many challenges, but also so much joy.

SNH make sure that all the doggies are healthy and find them homes that will love them and make them happy.

Natasha and Izzy do such wonderful work - they are angels to the dogs. Sometimes I wish I could adopt them all 🥰

Laura L

This is Ben our adopted dog now 2yrs on.

He is the most easy going friendly fella anyone can have ..Everyone loves him.

I'm so glad we came across SNH and found our boy. Easy to arrange and all info given by Izzy and Chris.

Always there for back up if required.

We now fundraise when we can for funds to help Natasa help and support what she does best.

We have fostered other dogs since having Ben, whom all get 1st class star treatment from him .He helps settle them and guide them... Reassuring them at all times.

Its Hard to let them go but as "their here for a holiday" it's easier that way lol.

At moment we have Honey who is a little rocket foster..( smaller one in photo)

You wont be disappointed in any of the SNH pups you adopt, all unique.

Yvonne B

The process start to finish in adopting these two little beauties (sisters) I was having one but felt sorry for the other 🙈 was smooth.

Well informed and a constant adopters site for help if you have any questions or issues.

Not only do they rescue dogs mostly but these two little beauties we adopted too.

We love the non profit part!

You won’t be disappointed so save one of those little beauties too !!! A love for life ❤️

Izzy Natasha and Chris are like doggie angels ❤️❤️❤️

Paula T

We couldn’t be happier with this gorgeous girl Pixie.

We needed a good fit for our other two rescues and were guided by Izzy to a few doggies needing a forever home and we chose Pixie, a little ray of sunshine who has brought a great deal of new fun and love into our home.

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of SNH family and will continue to support them in future fundraisers.

If you are considering rescuing from abroad Izzy will carefully guide you through the process and she was always there for each query we had.

Natasa grafts each day and is worth her weight in gold, rescuing dogs off the street and offering them kindness, loving care and keeping them safe until they have a forever home to go to, she truly is a life saver.

Thank you once again xx

Helen R

I fostered Daisy nearly 3 years ago, which lasted not even 24 hours before I knew she was mine.

Our whole family fell for her sweet and gentle nature. Which just shows how amazing sun New hope is and the love Natasha gives these beautiful dogs, that after all they have been through they still believe in good people all because of natasha.

Daisy is blind and shy but still has the heart of a puppy. 3 years on and the support we still receive is amazing.

She's a true nanny dog with our young children. And that decision to go get that dog that needed a better home has turned into the best 3 years with the missing piece of our family, our daisy❤️

Helen R

This is our beautiful willow that we adopted nearly 3 years ago.

I feel so lucky we were the ones chosen to give our girl a forever home.

Sun new hope truly care about the welfare of these dogs and were fantastic throughout the whole process of bringing her home and settling her in.

I always know I can rely on them if we need any advice or support.

Our willow is the loveliest natured dog that just can not get enough cuddles.

Janine P

Clyde is doing great 👍

Alan M

Just a little message to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt this little angel🥹.

Had her for just about 3 years and she is the best thing to happen to us!

Izzy and Natasha have been absolutely amazing from start to finish and couldn’t have made the process smoother.

From a couple aged 26 who live in Scotland.

I fostered Daisy nearly 3 years ago, which lasted not even 24 hours before I knew she was mine. Our whole family fell for her sweet and gentle nature. Which just shows how amazing sun New hope is and the love natasha gives these beautiful dogs, That after all they have been through they still believe in good people all because of natasha. Daisy is blind and shy but still has the heart of a puppy. 3 years on and the support we still receive is amazing. She's a true nanny dog with our young children. And that decision to go get that dog that needed a better home has turned into the best 3 years with the missing piece of our family, our daisy❤️

Emma C

Our two gorgeous girls from Sun New Hope.

Abby was very aloof when we first got her - not a people dog. Look at her now!

Amira (now Nelly) came as a foster but we quickly fell in love and we're now 2 years on.

Izzy and Natasa were with us every step of the way during the early days. The support from the rescue is second to none and the adopters Facebook page is also an amazing source of help and guidance

Samantha T

After trying to adopt a pet here and there, so many rules & regulations, if you've tried, you'll know.

I stumbled upon Sun New Hope.

The adoption process is easy, everything is explained, they keep you informed every step of the way. Once you have your new pet, it's not the end of their involvement.

Any questions, any problems, any help you need, from what size bed to feeding, from what harness, lead, collar, to absolutely everything, they are there to help, support & guide.

You won't find a better rescue than these.

Gill J

We got our gorgeous girl Cindy 1 Yr ago and it was the best thing I've done,

She is a loving ,cuddly girl and Sun Hope we re fantastic.

She was in perfect health .

If I ever was to get a dog again I would get one from Sun Hope I highly recommend them they do a fantastic job .

Karen R

We got our lovely little girl Tilly from Sun New Hope, almost three years ago.

She adapted to life with us very quickly. She is a very loving little dog and just loves to be cuddled.

She came with her doggie passport and all vaccinations were up to date. The vet over here said she was in good health and had been very well cared for.

Natasha in Macedonia does a very good job in looking after the dogs ensuring they are cared for and in good health before they are allowed to travel.

The after care is good too, if I’m unsure of something regarding Tilly, I only have to ask and either a member of The team or another rescuer will give advice.

I would recommend Sun New Hope to anyone considering getting a dog.

Barbara W

We adopted our Astra bear from SNH rescue coming up 4 years ago now and she is the loveliest of dogs .

At the time we had 4 other dogs and she fitted in exceptionally well.

Natasa, ,Izzy and Chris are with you every step of the way and in my experience are by far the best overseas rescue ( we had 3 other overseas rescue dogs) but their back up is excellent, any questions along the way are quickly answered.

I truly feel like part of an online family and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or even adopt again .

Ange F

We adopted Kizzie aged 6mths from SNH a year ago in April 2023.

The whole process was seamless - from initial thoughts of adopting, to her coming over, everything was faultless and communicated well.

Even the support afterwards has been amazing.

Kizzie is a lovely dog, came fully vaccinated with her passport and settled in to family life here easily.

We would recommend SNH to anyone considering adoption from overseas.

Thanks to Izzy and Natasa for all you do to look after the dogs, keeping them fed and healthy until they find their forever family.

Kizzie is very loved (and spoiled rotten) here!

Lisa G

We adopted Yogi nearly 3 years ago and the process was very easy.

Natasa Milosheska and Izzy Chill kept in contact though the the whole process, would definitely use sun hope again.

As a result my family help raise money to help there charity

We also use the easy fundraising app when we do shopping

Michell R

We got our beautiful fur baby Daisy(Jayney) under 5 months ago, however it feels like forever ago.

She’s made such a change to our lives and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She’s amazing with children and often curls up with our girls.

She’s incredibly cuddly and just loves people and dogs.

My family and friends have all commented on how lovely natured she is, we’ve even had people on our walks comment on how sweet she is.

We received so much support from Izzy and Co before and after she came which made the process really easy.

Katey G

We adopted beautiful Bonnie 3 years ago and she immediately settled in.

She is an absolute joy, sweet natured, gentle, affectionate and everyone loves her.

The whole process was easy from start to finish and the charity were regularly in touch to see if we needed any support.

Claire C

Sun New Hope Dog Rescue are fabulous!

Not just for all they do for dogs, but for how they paired me up with Ayla/Poppy… They were fantastic with the whole process of getting her to me in the UK!

I think the whole team do a wonderful job at giving hope and new lives to wonderful dogs who deserve all the love in the world.

They are great at vetting if someone is fit to have one of their rescue dogs, and will make sure each and every dog is healthy and happy before going to a foster home or forever home!

They know all the legalities with transporting animals safely, as animal welfare is their biggest priority.

Thank you so much Sun New Hope Dog Rescue for finding my little Poppy and bringing her to me.

I couldn’t ever see my life without her and my 2 cats. Bless you all for everything you do! xxx


We adopted our Snups in August 2023 and the care, attention, support and genuine love that we received on every step of our adoption journey and beyond makes Sun New Hope one of the best rescues to adopt from.

Izzy and Natasa truly have the best intentions for all of their dogs and want to match them to the right families; every personality trait they identified with Snups was exact - she is such a sweet natured, loving puppy who loves to play, is gentle, intelligent and loves children (an extremely important trait to us having two young children).

To anyone who has any doubts about adopting a dog from abroad, you are in safe hands with SNH and their process, and thereafter the support network you are provided with.

A huge thank you to everyone at SNH for giving us an absolute gift of a dog and giving each dog the second chance of a great life ❤️

Emma F

Foxy joined our family in February 2021.

We were told that she was the most timid and shy little baby and needed a good doggy pal that will show her the wonders and delights that it is to be a doggy with a cosy home in England.

After not too long, she was out living her best life with the beautiful walks Essex has to offer, lots of treats, and good socialising with her bestest friend Arthur who has really shown her the way.

We cannot believe how far this beautiful girl has come and how much joy she brings us.

It is so rewarding knowing the trust you've built up between yourself and your rescue poochie. Thankyou Sun New Hope for letting us adopt her. She is an absolute treasure.

Jade W